2006 BMW F650 GS - Pannier system

When I purchased my F650 GS the previous owner built his own pannier system from US army aluminium food boxes.  I had a few problems with this - first off, I didn't like the round looks of the aluminium boxes and 2nd I have countless ammo boxes that I have already built pannier holders in my LT, TriStar and Westfalia, so it would only make sense to use these boxes on my bike.

Seeing how I don't have a pipe bender, I set out to build the ultimate pannier racks using 18mm (3/4") square tubing - rack is 320 x 220mm on the outside diameter and is mounted to be parallel to the rear rack.  Building it from square tubing also will lead to a more positive locking system for the panniers.

Bench assembly of racks
TIG welding of pannier racks

Test fit on bike
Test fitting of pannier racks

Rear supports
Rear support of pannier racks

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