1997 BMW R1100 GS - Pannier system

When I purchased my R1100 GS the previous owner included the original plastic BMW panniers - according to the manual only 10kg could go in each - maybe enough for the paper work that you take to the office, but not enough for a trip to Alaska and back. I already had a rack system built for my F650 GS that utilized NATO ammo cans so it was natural that would extend this system to this bike. The pannier holders fasten to each bike in the same fashion so there is no worrying about which goes on what bike.

Seeing how I don't have a pipe bender, I set out to build the ultimate pannier racks using 18mm (3/4") square tubing - rack is 320 x 220mm on the outside diameter and is mounted to be parallel to the rear rack.  Building it from square tubing also will lead to a more positive locking system for the panniers.

Finish ammo box pannier system on my 1997 BMW R1100 GS

320 x 220mm pannier racks under construction

Pannier holder installed

NATO Ammo can in pannier holder

NATO Ammo can in pannier holder locked in place!

So this system works pretty good - the integrity if the ammo box is maintained so it is 100% water proof. Material cost is minimal and I can transfer the boxes to my 4x4s that use holders for the same sort of boxes.

Making use of empty space with two 1L Oil / Fuel bottle holders

Shot from behind detailing fuel bottles, pannier holder lock (panniers slide on from behind).

Rear shot of ammo box pannier system

Rear quarter shot with panniers mounted.

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