1997 BMW R1100 GS - Fuel tank quick disconnect

I needed to do the ABS-II low voltage mod to my bike, the ABS-II controller is under the fuel tank along with the battery, engine control unit and a few other items. The issue is on the R1100 GS and the R1150 GS is that you have to remove the fuel lines to remove the tank. That normally means that fuel will go all over the place unless you install the R1150 GS Adventure quick disconnects. Touratech sells these items as well as the BMW dealer. I bought mine from Pacific Yamaha / BMW for about $75 for the pair. These are needed plus some 8mm / 5/16" fuel line clamps for about $1 each from the auto-parts store. One the quick disconnects are in place all that is needed to remove the tank is remove one bolt, the two disconnects (press the collar on it) and one electrical connector.

The mod isn't visible with the OE plastic cover in place.

The quick disconnects are only visible with the cover off - I orientated it so the tank has a male and female connector and slightly offset from each other to prevent a mix-up.

The OE cover will need a slight trimming to make it all work.

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