1997 BMW R1100 GS

After a winter long research I finally bought my 2nd bike. Originally I was going to buy a bike in Germany but the Euro is too high to justify this sort of purchase and I would have been limited to a bike that is 15 years or older for importation reasons. So the local search began. I looked at KTM 640s and 950/990s but the 640s were just too buzzy for me, the 900 series were great bikes but just didn't have the something I was looking for. Then my search came back to BMW seeing how I already have a F650 GS - The R100 GS Paris Dakar always appealed to me but they were just too expensive for what I thought was reasonable for a 15 to 20 year old bike - I did find one in Oregon for $6200 USD but by the time I got it to Canada and all the border paper work, duty etc I would be looking at $9500 - this is what I could get a 1150 GS for and knock 10 years off of the age too. 1100 GS vs 100 GS PD, yeah, I'll take the 1150 GS! So start looking at the 1150 GSs - well... great bikes, but then the R1100 kept on showing up in searches - same bike as the 1150 just different plastic and a slightly smaller engine.... for half the price... then looking into it a little more... lower 1st gear for off-roading than even the 1150 Adventure model and I was sold. So, I found this 1997 GS with next to new Continental TCK-80 tires for $5000 Canadian including a stay in a nice guest house to get it and I was sold. The bike is bone stock and has a few scratches but cosmetically it is in better shape than my 650 GS so a good deal indeed. Stock will be fixed soon!

My 1997 BMW R1100 GS coming home from Vancouver

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