1993 Volkswagen LT 4x4 - Steering

One of the biggest problems with installing port hole axles on an LT is how to handle the steering.  As the Unimog 406 axles are as wide as the LT axles, the steering pivot point is closer to the center of the vehicle.  The steering input for a Unimog is on the passenger side of the vehicle and the steering input for the LT is on the driver side.  A steering arm has to be fabricated for the Unimog axles that is above the leaf spring and will extend 18cm / 7" from the pivot point.  The LT has a low profile two dimensional part that attaches to the wheel hub - if one was to do this on the Unimog axle it would hit the leaf spring so it has to be made so it is above the leaf spring like it is in the Puch Noriker prototype.

LT 4x4 Steering

Noriker Steering Arm

As I don't like to under engineer anything and I don't want to see anyone hurt, I decided to do it right and farm this project out to an industrial logging equipment fabricator here in town.  Here are the results:

Volksmogen steering arm

Volksmogen steering arm

As you can see... enough clearance for the leaf spring and it's built 10x stronger than it needs to be... Don't ask to see the invoice for this masterpiece!

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