1993 Volkswagen LT 4x4 - Drive Shafts

As stated earlier the Unimog uses torque tubes instead of drive shafts to connect the transfer case to the axles.  As my LT's transfer case is offset from the inputs to the differentials as well as positioned fore and after in a different location, the use of the original torque tubes is not possible and a pinion conversion must be used.  This is acomplished by cutting down the torque tube, installing a bearing and oil seal at the end and then machining up a drive shaft flange.

Pinion conversionUnimog axle pinion conversion

Originally I hired Coast Powertrain in Prince George BC to make some fancy and unfortunately expensive drive shafts.  The front turned out OK because it is the longest of the pair, but the rear turned out to be a complete failure because the over all length was too short and the angles were too sharp and it was vibration city.  Even though they said they would stand behind their work Coast Powertrain basically told me "too bad so sad" - bastards!

So, while under my wife's V10 TDI Touareg I noticed that the front axles still used CVs and the angles were significantly more than what a universal joint would do and 553ft.lbs of torque after the differential is more force than 200ish ft.lbs before a differential!  More research and it seems that the 108mm Porsche 930 CV joints were the thing to use.  Race prepared ones can go up to 25 degrees and people run these in the Baja 1000 all the time with out failure.  Other benefits of CVs they are relatively inexpensive and easily field replaceable if need be - so time a Hasenwerk redesign!

I got the local machine shop, Quesenl Iron, to build me some pinion adapters to CV from some 108mm Audi 5000S quattro CV flanges.

Pinion to CV flange adapters
Porsche 930CV to Spicer Universal bolt pattern adapter

Pinion to CV flange adapter
Porsche 930CV to Spicer Universal bolt pattern adapter

I have some Porsche 930 CVs coming in the mail and now to hunt down a 560mm (22") long 28 spline drive shaft.

More photos and details when more is done to the truck!

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