1993 Volkswagen LT 4x4 - Importing

After more than ten years of owning one type of Vanagon Syncro or another I figured it was time to look at a different type of four wheel drive.

Of all the Vanagon Syncros I have owned, it is the double cab pickup that I have enjoyed the most - seating for five adults, 1000kg payload, terrific off-roading capabilities and classic Volkswagen style and function. 

I have always enjoyed big trucks and going into the back country.  So the choices of what to get are many.  I can not picture myself with a Japanese 4x4 so that rules out Landcruisers and the like.  The Mercedes Benz Unimog came to mind, but after driving several 404S there is no way I would ever call something like that a step up from the Syncro as it is loud, slow and has an appetite for gasoline which I really don't like.  The U-1300 is an alternative, but parts for these monsters are expensive and they are really suited for 80km/h driving unless I spend some serious cash for some highway axles.  The post 1985 Steyr-Puch Pinzgauer is a neat truck with it's VW turbo Diesel engine, but these are few and far between and not as practical as a open bed pickup.  So... in steps the VW LT 4x4

My reasoning for choosing the the LT 4x4 Double Cab is many - it is a Volkswagen, so it is a product that I know from previous endeavors.  It looks like the Vanagon DoKa, only bigger.  Four wheel drive with front and rear differential locks, six cylinder turbo Diesel VW engine and enough space in the pickup bed for two ATVs and some additional gear.

So, the search for a clean and relatively inexpensive LT DoKa 4x4 began.  The problem is the LT 4x4 is a rare vehicle in Europe.  http://www.lt-4x4.de was a great resource in finding information on the LT 4x4 as well as actually finding a nice one to buy.  I ended up getting a 1992 from Offenbach Germany for 5000 EUR.  It wasn't the most perfect truck I have ever seen, but a lot better than most that seemed to be well looked after by it's last owner.

LT 45
My LT 45 as it was when I purchased it

So, as you can tell, it wasn't stock.  The previous owner installed a box on the back with the hopes of turning it into a camper.  But with the arrival of stork with some new additions to the family the LT had to go, their loss, my gain - thanks Lars!  :-)

The LT came with it's original "pritsche" so returning it back to stock would be relatively simple.  So, off to Germany to fix and problems with the truck and drive it to Bremerhaven to get it to Canada.

Starting my trip to Germany with Central Mountain Air in Quesnel

Easter Fire
Friends new and old at the Easter Fire

Ich leibe Früstuck in Deutscheland!

Test driving a Hercules 125

I have the urge to make a speach in front of thousands of people!

Lunch time!
Lunch time!

DoKa ready for tansport to Canada!

At the Wanderer with friends

Getting fish in Bremerhaven
V12 TDI!

Audi R10
In the flesh - the Audi R10 winner of the 24h LeMans

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