1993 Volkswagen LT 4x4 - Fuel Can and Pannier Carrier

As my LT has a 70L fuel tank and you can count on 17L per 100 km if it is fully loaded and driving hard this means a little over 400 km and it is time to start searching for fuelling station - not really enough range for my liking, especially with the back country driving that I do.  I also didn't like the fact there was no secure place that I could store things like my recovery gear and tools, so it was time to build a rack that would hold two 20L NATO fuel cans and a large NATO ammo box that can hold three smaller ammo boxes on the inside.  It was designed to have the bar that holds the cans in place to be locked so that no one can open the fuel cans or the box when it is installed in the truck.

Fuel can / pannier carrier
Fuel can / pannier carrier assembly

Fuel can / pannier carrier installed

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