1989 Volkswagen TriStar Syncro TDI

I built up this double cab to be the best looking expedition vehicle around.  Of course, Diesel power is needed and why pick just any engine - so a 2000 Passat TDI engine went in there with at the time VW latest pumpe düse technology with 115hp with some modest upgrades:

- Golf III Intercooler with a full time Perma cool fan pushing cold air through it at all times.
- Fuel cooler to ensure that only cold, dense fuel enters the injectors
- Retain syncro cyclone filter for the purest of intake air.
- Large oil cooler to keep engine temperatures at bay.

Besides the TDI I also upgraded it with quite a few other accessories:
- Front and rear differential locks
- Custom geared transmission for lower highway RPMs to keep the TDI happy.
- 16 x 6.5" alloy wheels with 225/75LT16 all terrains tires
- NATO aluminium canopy
- LT mirrors
- TL Elektronic 8 function engine monitor
- Custom bull bar
- Syncro 16 wheel arches
- Headlight washers
- Tinted rear windows
- Fuel can holders
- Top mounted spare tire with axe and shovel holder
- Tinted rear and front signal markers
- European e-code headlights
- Full skid plates front to rear

1989 TriStar TDI
1989 TriStar Syncro

Fuel cooler
Fuel Cooler

Intake senders
Senders for 8 function digital gauge

Digital Gauge
8 Function Digital Gauge

Top view of TDI engine

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